Compare 10 Best Cars for Long Commutes and Journeys

As you drive for several hours at a time, any faults or irritations of the vehicle become more apparent. We’ve picked out the 10 best cars for long commutes in a range of price ranges to suit you if you commute for an extended period of time or regularly drive long distances.

The 5 Series BMW

In terms of executive cars, BMW’s midsize 5 Series is widely regarded as one of the best cars for long commutes out there, and if you drive a lot, there are few cars as pleasant as it. The 5 Series has been around for several generations, but the latest version, which was introduced in 2017, is the best option if your budget allows.

With a high-quality interior, the M Sport trim offers more performance, while an SE trim gets smaller alloys and a more comfortable ride setup, which makes it a good pick for comfort seekers. A 2017 5 Series will prove very fuel-efficient if you choose the 520d or 530d diesel engines. A high-mileage car costs around £14,500, while one with less than 100,000 miles costs around £17,000.

C4 Picasso Citroen Grand

With its standard-fit seven seats and a host of features that make life easier for parents and grandparents, Citroen’s Grand C4 Picasso makes for a great choice for families. Its suspension setup is very comfort-focused, so, the best car for long commutes and trips, like family holidays.

In 2014, the second-generation Grand C4 Picasso was introduced, and it features a more modern design and a better reputation for reliability inside and out. Prices start at £5,000, which is great value, but you can find a low-mile example for around £7,500.

Superb by Skoda

Despite living up to its name, the Skoda Superb offers a high level of comfort as the company’s flagship model. The 2.0-liter TDI diesel engine provides excellent performance as well as excellent fuel consumption – you should see 60 miles per gallon if you drive it carefully.

Superbs also offer an impressive amount of interior space, which makes them ideal for taller passengers, as well as a large boot, no matter if they are hatchbacks or estates. Its latest model, introduced in 2015, starts at around £7,500, and a car with a lower mileage costs about £10,000.

S90 Volvo

In terms of comfort, a large Volvo has historically been hard to beat, and we’re happy to report that’s still true today, with Volvo getting everything right when it comes to long-distance travel.

Pretty much any of its models could be selected, but we reckon the S90 saloon, introduced in 2016, is an excellent choice. Having a high-quality interior with plenty of equipment – especially a safety kit – the S90 is definitely worth a look. Used prices start at £15,000.

Model 3 of Tesla

The electric car gets a lot of bad press for not being very useful on long trips, but this doesn’t have to be the case. As an example, American EV giant Tesla has its own network of ‘Superchargers’ which offer fast, reliable, and affordable charging.

Recently, Tesla car prices have dropped, making them a very attractive used car choice. For example, the BMW 3 Series-sized Model 3 offers a real-world range of 300 miles between charges on its Long Range version, making them a good choice for longer trips. The Model 3 is fast and packed with technology. It starts at around £27,000 for a used model.

Passat, Volkswagen

Volkswagen Passat has proven especially popular with those who travel a great deal over the years. You can choose between a saloon or an estate model, with a 2.0-liter turbocharged diesel engine that can deliver up to 60mpg on longer trips with careful driving.

With less than 100,000 miles, prices start at around £6,000 for a high-mileage vehicle and £8,000 for one with fewer than 100,000. The latest generation of Passat is a good choice, with a higher-quality interior and plenty of standard equipment.

Land Rover Best Car for Long Commutes

A luxury car is hard to beat for long-distance comfort and ease, and the Range Rover is one of the best choices. With its high-end, aspirational image and standard air suspension, few cars are as comfortable to drive over large distances. However, fuel and running costs are high.

If you want to buy a used Range Rover, we recommend the fourth-generation (codename L405), which was available from 2012 for 10 years. Used cars now start from around £21,000 for high-mileage cars, though you’ll need to factor in some maintenance, or consider buying a used car warranty. This is also best to carry luggage more than average cars.

S-Class Mercedes-Benz

It’s always a good idea to take a long trip in a car that’s widely used by a chauffeur market, so you should check out the Mercedes S-Class if you regularly drive long distances or have a long commute and want to arrive at the other end more relaxed than when you left.

The sixth-generation S-Class, sold between 2014 and 2020, is regarded as one of the best cars for long commutes luxury ever made and is still an important luxury car today. The S-Class remains a force to be reckoned with and offers the best value on the used market. In spite of its high-end status, this Mercedes still looks modern today, with technology that can still compete with new vehicles. Used prices begin at £17,500 and you get a lot out of it.

Mondeo by Ford

You can get a Ford Mondeo for less than £2000 if you’re looking for a more affordable car to drive for longer distances. In the past, the Mondeo was one of the most popular cars in the UK and a huge hit with motorway drivers. Today, you can get a third-generation Mondeo (introduced in 2007) for less than £2000.

A diesel Mondeo offers much better fuel economy than a petrol model and is the best cars for long commutes suited to motorway miles. You can also choose between saloons, hatchbacks, or estates, all of which offer a very roomy interior.

RX Lexus

In the case of the Lexus RX, this Japanese brand’s flagship SUV, it puts the focus on quality, comfort, and reliability, making it a great option for those doing long journeys.

Despite the quiet hybrid powertrain, it has an extremely luxurious interior and feels especially upmarket. With a Mark Levinson sound system, high-end versions are worth the money. A fourth-generation model gets our vote. Introduced in 2016, used prices start at around £22,000.

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